TEXTILE EVENTS was established in 2007 by John Kelley with the launch of the first The London Textile Fair. At this first fair were 25 exhibitors set out in two rooms with just tables, chairs, sign and rails. The style and concept has been so successful that it has been continued until today. TLTF has become the leading UK industry trade show, however as it is dedicated to European manufacturers we have explicitly been asked by UK buyers and store chain representatives to create a show dedicated to interantional manufacturers.

From here the idea of Texfusion, the first trade show completely dedicated to World textile manufacturers in the UK. Texfusion has grown exponentially in the past 2 years and now includes, beside the historical fashion fabrics, also 3 new hall completely dedicated to technical fabrics, Denim and garment manufacturers.


We have a very strict ethos for the fair that all exhibitors are on a level playing field. Whether they are a large or a small manufacturer the modular format of single tables gives an equal opportunity to all exhibitors.

All tables are given out in a lottery basis so there is no possibility of ordering a better position “its pot luck”. We are able within the lottery to put mills together with their agents. We extend this ethos even to advertising and we produce a simple brochure without a single advert.

We like to think that we run the fair in a very hands on way and we employ students studying Fashion to allow them the opportunity to experience the industry close up.