Taiwan Textile Federation

Responding to initiatives taken in the Sustainable Sourcing Forum in London Textile Fair earlier this year, Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) deepens the partnership with Texfusion by joining the show with 10 companies that offer a wide library of fabrics that not only delivers on high-quality functionality but also takes the market demands for sustainability to heart. We welcome you to visit the Taiwan Textile Collective to understand the unique approach that each company took to reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry!

The Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) is an important institution for promoting Taiwan’s textile industry. We are looking forward to partnering with Texfusion to bring 10 Taiwanese technical/functional suppliers that emphasis on eco-friendly production values in November 2019. Pay us a visit at the Taiwan Textile Collective booths in Texfusion!

For further information, please contact Pao at pao.ko@textiles.org.tw


Taiwan Textile Collective

The lineup of the 10 companies joining Texfusion this November includes:
Victorlong (Textile) Co., Ltd. and Ea Shinn Co., Ltd. are long time participants to Texfusion, bringing to you their latest collection of functional fabrics;
BeBe Cotton Kintting Co., Ltd. is a cotton specialist that differentiates itself from competition by placing “ethical fashion” forefront and is the first Asian manufacturer to be certified by GOTS in 2012. R&D efforts in recent years are focused on Eco-Dyed & Eco Pigment Printing;
Hwang-Yih Textile, staying true to its Green Product Strategy, this vertically integrated functional textile mill is certified by BlueSign, Oeko-Tex, Higg Index, ISO9001 and ISO14001;
Hyperbola Textile Co., Ltd. and Bestex Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in performance fabric design and places emphasis on quality control and reducing environmental impact, conducting independent inspections at every stage of production;
TDI Textile Co., Ltd. focuses on professional synthetic woven fabric dyeing and finishing for high-tech waterproof /breathable shell fabric for outerwear end use. Also possesses technical capabilities to meet tailored requests for multi-functional finishings fabric for different sports;
Orientex Precision Industrial Co., Ltd and New Palace Fabric Designing Corp. build their roots in woven fabrics mostly for shirts and suits, though have also included functionality in their products in response to market demands;
Gay Chun Industries Co., Ltd. completes the collection with high end embroidery lace fabrics.